How It Works?

Two ways to join. Buyer or Vendor!

The first thing to go is sign-up, its FREE and easy to do. When you first register, we will ask you if you are a Shopper or Vendor/Business. After that you will have different options based on how you joined. Right now you can not switch back and forth. So if you are a local business owner with deals to offer AND you also want to shop local and get deals around town you will need to create both a Vendor and Shopper account.


1. Vendor Account (Business)

If you are a local business and successfully registered, then you’ll gain access to your Abe’s Deals dashboard, where you can manage everything from your profile details, store items, deals, coupons and giftcards. The website is easy to use, but if you need any help we are here for your support – Send us a message 24/7 on Facebook. We wish you the best and hope you get TONS of sales on our site. We are locally owned and operated in Springfield, Illinois just like you! In order for you to get paid and sell items on Abe’s Deals, you must have a Stripe account. (Stripe handles our secure payments and vendor payouts. You will be prompted to join/connect your Stripe account in the dashboard) If you just want to post coupons you do not need to connect to Stripe.


2. Shopper Account

After you join and register as a local shopper, you can search for and deals. Plus have access to your personal dashboard where you can manage your profile, see purchases, and claim vouchers. From there you can see the status of every purchase that you’ve made. Coupons do not require purchase. 


How to claim coupons and buy deals?!

Shoppers who buy deals, discounted gift certificates, and claim coupons, will be able to access all their deals in My Purchases. After you buy a deal, you will get an email receipt for your records and then deal vouchers will be available in your dashboard. The business has this voucher info too, so when you are ready to claim your deal, use your voucher number when communicating with the local business. The deal could be a specific product or service, and could even be a discounted gift card. We leave it up to the business on how they want to manage their deals. Coupons (which are free to use) just need to be saved with a screenshot or visit our website when you are ready to claim the coupon code.

My Purchases